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what's inside

chapter one

increasing your workflow efficiency to increase capacity

chapter five

get the referrals — and attract the clients — you want

chapter two

solving the pricing problem

chapter six

recruiting and retaining top talent

chapter three

driving growth in your firm

chapter seven

how to build out new profit centers

chapter four

your sales appointment, start to close

chapter eight

acquiring firms to drive rapid growth

why accountants love the book


Great insight

"I had listened to a few of the podcasts previously and thought valuable. This book is a must have if you recently started a firm or considering."


This will change your perception of what your firm should be.

"Book is incredibly helpful in understanding how to build a modern, efficient accounting firm."



An amazing book

"An instructional manual for growing a firm. Straight to the point and easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone"


Great book full of information and practical steps and ideas

"This book is very useful and was written from an objective point of view. David is not a trained accountant, but works exclusively with accountants. He has interviewed and worked with so many accountants and uses their expertise to support all of his points in the book. He covers everything and uses examples.

I download ebooks all the time, but this is one of the best ones I've read. If you want ideas on how to improve your accounting firm, or even double it, reading this book is time well spent."


Packed with actionable content

"Well written book packed with relevant and actionable content. It's a fairly quick read. I came away with lots of notes and ideas for building my firm."


It is well thought out and easy to read

"This book has all the info needed to quickly and drastically improve your accounting firm. It is well thought out and easy to read. David and Joe are setting the benchmark for all others!"

about the authors

David Cristello Headshot-1


David Cristello

David is the Founder & CEO of Jetpack Workflow, a leading client and recurring work application that serves thousands of accountants in 17+ countries. David is also the host of the Growing Your Firm Podcast, which recently surpassed 400,000 downloads.


Joe Cassandra Headshot


Joe Cassandra

Coming from the accounting industry and working for a mid-sized firm for a number of years, Joe now spends his time running and managing JC Copy, a boutique content agency that helps financial publishers and financial services companies attract more clients through better copy.


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Double Your Accounting Firm is exactly what you need to transform your growth. From how to drive faster revenue results, build stronger teams and build a legacy firm that attracts and retain the best talent in the business. You'll learn to work less, charge your clients more, add staff without pain, scale fast AND profitably - while doubling your bottom line.